Our Olives

Hojiblanca Variety

The name Hojiblanca comes from the metallic shine of the underside of the leaves. In some areas it is also known as Lucentino.

The taste is sweeter than most other Spanish varieties. Its sensorial description emphasizes fruitiness evocative of banana and almonds with aroma of fresh herbs and a slight bitterness of green fruits.

This variety can be found in Andalucia, especially around Seville, Córdoba and the northern area of Málaga. Around 16% of the olives in Andalusia are made up of this variety. Resistant to lime soil and drought.

It is a high quality variety but not as popular as others, as its productivity is low and it is difficult to harvest because the olives are hard to remove from the branches.

The oils of this variety have a high degree of oleic and linoleic acid and a small amount of saturated fats, ideal for people on a diet!  Vitamin E content is very high in polyphenols, making it a great antioxidant.